My name is Edd

I craft websites

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I’m a WordPress website developer, and have been for the previous 7 years – building all manner of brochure and e-commerce websites, in addition to photography, tourism, responsive, industrycharity and bespoke B2B websites along the way.

I am a keen user of Woocommerce, as well as the Advanced Custom Fields plugin by Elliot Condon. I’ve found that the combination of Worpress and these plugins really comes together to make some pretty amazing options and experiences – both for the end-user actually engaging with the website as well as the client when they come to update it.

Each project comes with its own requirements and constraints, be they budgetary, technical, business-based or simply time sensitive. Through planning and meetings with the client (and the end-user) I like to try and get a grasp on all of the aspects at play and work out not just what the details of the brief were, but what might have been left out or not even necessarily considered yet.

It’s this attention to detail and understanding of the client’s business requirements that really pulls a project through, makes sure that there’s nothing unexpected at the other end, keeps everybody in the loop and subsequently – keeps everybody happy.

I am currently the Lead Developer at Eight Wire in Cornwall, where I act as the frontispiece for the development team, engaging with clients, managing projects as well as briefing and quoting for upcoming tenders and providing general technical assistance for clients.

I have just moved up to the Brighton area, so if you wanted to get in touch, had any questions about your website, wanted advice on a new project or just thought about meeting up to chat – do drop me a line.